Combined clinical trials


    Prof. Dr. Dr. F. Grus
    Dr. C. Korb MD


    The process of finding and identifying potential disease-associated biomarkers starts always by the investigation of human samples e.g., tears or sera.

    In this section, we run clinical trials where patients participate to help for a better understanding of the pathogenesis of the disease processes for example in glaucoma or ocular surface diseases. After inclusion of all patients, the samples undergo complicated and state of the art analysis in our laboratory e.g. by means of ProteinChips or electrophoretical separations.

    Most of the clinical trials are performed in cooperation with the center for clinical trials of the Dept. of Ophthalmology. We have the infrastructure to perform clinical studies according to all international guidelines.

    Recently, we performed successfully trials which investigated:

    • protein biomarkers in dry-eye disease
    • protein biomarkers in allergic diseases in tear film
    • antibody profiles in glaucoma disease
    • antibody profiles/ biomarkers in age-related maculadegeneration
    • effects of lumbrificants and intraocular pressure lowering drugs on tear film
    • effects of cosmetics on the ocular surface and tear film